30 September 2011


The children of today face an issue of bullying that is far more harmful and maniacal than the past generations. Bullying seems to be a senseless fad. However, children need to be made aware that bullying can and probably will be, an issue in a number of life settings aside from school such as work, internet (cyber bullies), etc.
If children are equipped by their parents to deal with mean half-raised kids’ mental and social deficiencies; then, they will have a better chance to ward off these types of social ingrates.  Also, parents can get their children into various classes of martial arts to develop mental discipline, learn self-defensive techniques and training to handle any physical issues that they may encounter from peers.
It is extremely important for parents to build a strong foundation at home. This provides a level of comfort and evokes open communication. When bullying is discussed, as a parent, give assurance to your child that they are mentally and physically sound and to report the “problem child” at school.  Children feel more relieved after talking about the issue with parents and coming up with a resolution.
As a parent, it is very important to be attentive, to be able to recognize any subtle changes in your child’s behavior or mood. Stay tuned into them emotionally to be able to pick up on any clues that they may exhibit at home. It is absolutely normal and within a parent’s right to contact the school and speak with a teacher, counselor or principal about any subtle or erratic changes in your child’s routine.
If your child become a victim of bullying, and the school that your child attends fail to help, go see a juvenile detective immediately. In some cases, you may have to turn to higher authority for the proper help to resolve the incident(s).

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  1. This is such a misfortune. On 10/24/11 my son was harrassed, paper thrown at him, then a pencil. If that wasn't enough the young man decided to smack my son in the face. Tolerance is like a radio, you can turn the volume high or low. At this point his tolerance level was mute. He chased the boy and punch him in the eye. Now because he couldn't take it any longer he faces expulsion from school. While the young man is seen as a victim, when actually he was a bully that got what was coming to him......SMH