19 September 2011

Balancing Act

As my seven year old daughter diligently trains to replace Jaden Smith as the next “Karate Kid”, I am able to attend her practice sessions. I don’t have to worry about requesting a couple hours of personal time from work to do so…that’s yesterday’s news. Today, I successfully own and operate a web-based business that inspires women to take ownership of motherhood, while transforming their “hobbies” into businesses they are passionate about.

Operating a business from home has its advantages and disadvantages. There are times when I am physically gathering ingredients for dinner with one hand and typing with the other. There are other times when I am pulling a pan out of the oven and recording notes on my Blackberry so I won’t lose my thoughts on pertinent information to give to a client.

A minor downside is that my day never ends and this sometimes leaves me in a quandary. The sneaky, little, tedious tasks called chores are the absolute culprit. However, I have found some ways to help the busiest of mothers to resolve this issue (and some involve the children). 

Here are some suggestions for taking care of the chores:

·         Make use of the alphabet by having the kids put away an item that begins with each letter.
·         Remember Simon Says? Have them clean up their mess in no time and with a smile on their faces. Simon Says…take out the trash!
·         While on important phone calls, make use of that time. Group items to put away or tackle the laundry.

I’ve managed to successfully juggle the obligations of my home life and the demands of my business life. Although challenging at times, it is definitely a blessing. I am able to work on my time and to be in control of my own dime!

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